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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Any commercial real estate investment carries some risk. First and foremost, commercial real estate involves a substantial financial investment. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or purchasing commercial real estate for the first time, accruing debt and expenses to buy commercial real estate can be overwhelming. You want to be certain the stresses…

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5 Overlooked Clauses of a NY Residential Lease

When people move to Long Island or surrounding areas, there is a good chance that their first “home” will be a rental property. In fact, there is such high demand for rental property in Long Island, that the current vacancy rate is only 4%. What this means is a lot of people are viewing properties,…

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8 Title Defects that Could Delay Your Closing

There are few commercial real estate transactions that are finalized without the purchase of title insurance. In exchange for the premium payment, a title company insures the buyer’s title to the property. Typically, the insurance amount is up to the purchase price of the property. The reason most commercial purchasers, and a number of residential…

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