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Residential Property Sales: A Seller’s Disclosure Requirements

At one point in time, all residential property in Long Island came with a noticeable and necessary “buyer beware” caveat. Residential property sales routinely placed the risk of damages and defects on the buyer, making inspections and due diligence crucial to the home-buying process on Long Island. It is still necessary for a buyer to…

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How Can You Co-Own a Property in New York?

There are many reasons to purchase property in New York with a co-owner. When it comes to residential property, the most common motive for joint ownership is marriage, but this is hardly the only time joint or co-ownership is desired. Friends, family members, and investment partners have all decided to own Long Island property under…

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What is a Holdover Eviction & How to Avoid It

As a residential lease agreement is negotiated and signed, all parties to the lease hope the tenancy proceeds without issues or disagreements. Landlords want tenants to pay rent in a timely manner, use the property for an intended purpose, and upkeep the property throughout the lease term. Tenants want landlords to provide clear instruction on…

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How Do NY’s Short-Term Rental Laws Affect Your Summer Airbnb?

Summer brings a significant number of tourists to New York City and its boroughs. More visitors are finding their way to areas such as Brooklyn, Long Island, Williamsburg, Rutherford, and Yonkers thanks to the popular rental website Airbnb. However, this is the first summer New Yorkers are renting their real estate under the state’s ban…

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