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Do Buyers Need a Realtor If They Hire a NY Real Property Lawyer?

If you are looking to buy a house on Long Island, there is a good chance you are also looking for assistance with this process. An NY real property lawyer can represent you throughout the process of buying a home, including assistance with your offer, contract, inspection, due diligence, and closing. A residential realtor performs…

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Red Flags for Any Long Island Homebuyer

Buying a new home is an exciting time for residents of Long Island. It’s often a new start or a step forward – for some families buying a house is the fruition of a collective and longtime dream. Before signatures are placed on purchase contracts and closing documents, buyers are already discussing possible renovations and…

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5 Overlooked Clauses of a NY Residential Lease

When people move to Long Island or surrounding areas, there is a good chance that their first “home” will be a rental property. In fact, there is such high demand for rental property in Long Island, that the current vacancy rate is only 4%. What this means is a lot of people are viewing properties,…

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A Guide for First Time Homebuyers in Long Island

Buying your first home is an exciting adventure. There are open houses, showings, and late night conversations with loved ones over the many options. Then you find the perfect property, and it is a thrill to make an offer. Whether you fall in love with the first home you see or the thirtieth, the home…

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