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Every attorney should be able to give you an idea of the legal costs that would be involved in your case from beginning to end.  When I say an idea, I mean a reasonable “range” within the legal industry and area of practice in question.   Nevertheless, you might identify a large discrepancy in some of the quotes you receive.

Why is there such a large discrepancy in real estate legal fees?

Fees should be affordable, not devastating to your pocket.  You should question the value and quality of work involved at both end of these spectrums.  I have been involved in the closing industry for over 20 years and can tell you that there is could be catch to extremely low legal fees.  Question whether you will get to talk to an attorney, ask who will handle your case, talk to their past clients and ask about the quality of work you will get, investigate if there are other hidden fees involved that will be added as extras and will bump up that legal fee to something more astronomical.

You deserve quality and affordable legal representation when making one of the most important investments in your life: the purchase of your home.  Let me explain what I mean by quality of work.  A real estate closing requires contract review and negotiation.  It also involves sound advice when it comes to your engineer inspection, financial statements, proprietary leases, condo budgets, and the list goes on.  One of the most important aspects of the process is the examination and clearance of the title issues that may be involved with that property.  If you do not know what you are doing, you can overlook an encroachment, judgment, UCC Lien, etc, simply because you failed to properly examine the title report, or lacked the knowledge.  Can you imagine purchasing your first home to then find out there is an 8 feet encroachment on your property by your neighbor who placed his fence on incorrect property lines?  Or you purchase your first home and later when you go to sell you find out that the beautiful enclosed porch at the entrance of your property is not part of the original structure, not on the building plans, and it does not have a legal permit. The list can go on and on and on and on and on…Call Attorney Sami Perez for a prompt quote for your real estate legal matter.

Real estate closings require a lot of detailed work, investigation, negotiation, and explanations.  A typical purchase or sale can be in contract for a period of 90 days to over a year before it even gets to the closing table.  Some cases can close as fast as 30 days.  Every case is different.  This is why quoting a flat fee for all real estate closings is not in my opinion reasonable, realistic, or fair.   There are closings transactions that are smoother and faster than others.  These do not have the same amount of title or legal issues to address.  It is not fair to charge the buyer or seller whose property has no judgments, liens, violations, etc. the same legal fee you would charge the buyer and seller who starts off with estate and title clearance issues, tenant problems, and other legal contingencies that must be cleared prior to closing.  Some cases will require more time and effort, and this is why a reasonable range for a real estate legal fee is preferable.

The Law Office of Samilde Perez has an affordable range of legal fees for real estate closings.

The following are included in above range:

  • HOUSES ( 1-4 Family homes)

Commercial Transactions and Multi Family dwellings vary from this range depending on the amount of work that will be involved.

Please call or email our office for more information regarding our pricing.


Every divorce case is different.  Some cases require complex division of assets, child support, and stipulation of settlements.  Others, such as uncontested divorces, are easier to handle as the parties are simply dissolving the marriage and in agreement with regard to the terms of the divorce.  Please call our office for a consultation.