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Real Estate Lawyer For Sellers

The world of real estate is a fast-paced business. A single transaction can involve the exchange of large sums of money, require complicated lending, involve a number of inspections, and end with the transfer of unique pieces of property. This creates the potential for huge risk on all sides of the transaction.

A commercial or residential real estate attorney can mitigate these risks for the seller of real property. Sami Perez, of the Law Office of Samilde Perez, has been representing sellers in Long Island for over 20 years. Her expertise and experience in this niche of real property law is unparalleled and unmatched in the area.

Risks to Sellers of Real Property

Often, the sellers in the transaction are driven by a specific set of goals. Ms Perez works diligently to understand every client’s goals, from the very onset of a transaction. For some sellers the focus is obtaining a certain amount of money for the property or transferring the property within a certain timeframe. However, the risks that arise during a sale often fall outside the purview of these goals.

If a seller, no matter how sophisticated, allows one or two goals to take the complete precedence, other risks can fade to the rearview. Sellers become vulnerable to unforeseen or ignored risks in selling the property. This is where an experienced attorney, such as Sami Perez can step in and advise sellers.

Prior Experience in Seller Representation

Our office regularly represents sellers of all backgrounds and sizes. In the past, Sami Perez has handled the sale of single-family homes, condominiums, and commercial buildings.

Her representation is more than upfront legal advice. During the transaction Sami Perez will advise on contract terms and negotiation, obtaining clear title for the property, and any title issues raised by the title company or a survey.

Ms Perez understands that her role of attorney extends to clear correspondence with all parties involved in the transaction, from the lending institution and inspectors, to the buyer’s counsel, and explanation to sellers of all due diligence costs, closing fees, and other financial aspects of the transaction.

Outstanding Experience in Real Estate Law

Sami Perez has counseled sellers on all phases of both commercial and residential sales. She has represented clients, both commercial and residential, in thousands of closings. From listing the property through closing, the Law Office of Samilde Perez is dedicated to careful review of documents and a complete understanding of the legal issues.

In all instances, Ms Perez strives to maintain consistent client communication and quality service to advance a client’s individual objective. Her advice is based on prior experience with similar situations and an ingrained familiarity with all facets of real estate law.

The combination of her commitment to client relationships and clarity on all legal points, means there is no better choice for representation in your real property sale.

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The Law Office of Samilde Perez is ready to handle all of your legal needs in a commercial or residential sale of property. Even if your sale is already in progress or a straightforward transaction hit a speed bump, Ms Perez is prepared to discuss your circumstances and determine a path to closing.

For an initial, confidential consultation with the Law Office of Samilde Perez regarding your matter, contact us via email at [email protected] or the contact form on our website found here.