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Drafting and Transaction Work by Real Property Lawyer

There are very important aspects of real estate law that take place in a court room. Property disputes and boundary issues can have answers that are not immediately clear. Alternatively, matters that involve zoning and building codes can involve attendance at local meetings or hearings. The Law Office of Sami Perez has built a strong reputation in Long Island for handling these contentious situations.

Our team is familiar with the processes and preferences in New York courtrooms and the procedures before local counsels and administrative organizations. This helps Sami Perez effectively represent clients with a broad range of real property legal matters.

However, an even greater amount of real estate law is designed to address problems before they arise. Overall, the majority of a real property practice is dedicated to transactional work. Sami Perez believes in the potential for proactive legal advice and representation. This frequently takes the form of drafting agreements and other transactional work.

Agreements Between Neighbors

Neighbors often need to provide some leniency on the strict laws and regulations that govern real property. For this reason, adjoining property owners and members of a community or neighborhood are often entering into agreements that soften, strengthen, or further enforce real estate laws.

In New York, these agreements can include granting a right of way or easement across property, providing for joint ownership or shared possession, dictating maintenance and repair responsibilities for a fence or driveway, or outlining rules and covenants for a neighborhood association.

In every instance, it is in your best interest to have a real estate lawyer review these agreements before you sign or purchase property subject to any of these restrictions. Further, Sami Perez of the Law Office of Sami Perez has extensive experience drafting these contracts and documents.

Lease Agreements for Tenants and Landlords

Every piece of real property is unique. There are specific flaws and obvious benefits with all land and buildings. For this reason, no two lease agreements should be exactly the same. Sami Perez has drafted lease agreements, for commercial and residential property, throughout her career in Long Island. She creates agreements that are tailored to the property and best represent the arrangement made between landlord and tenant.

Written agreements are incredibly important for both tenants and landlords. This is an important and close relationship. The lease agreement dictates who handles repairs, what happens in the event of damage to the property, and which party provides and covers the utilities. Whether it is a residential agreement for a one year lease or a commercial lease that lasts thirty years, flaws or unfair provisions can lead to substantial disagreements and disputes. The role of a real property lawyer in drafting and reviewing a lease agreement is invaluable.

Involve a Lawyer in Your Real Property Contracts

There are a number of instances when you will need a real estate lawyer to draft or review a written agreement. Sami Perez has built her career on this transactional work. She brings expertise, emphasis on risk allocation, and attention to detail to the process that is unmatched by less experienced individuals. The Law Office of Sami Perez is ready to assist you with your next agreement.