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After 20 years experience, Ms Perez is aware that each real estate transaction is unique. The Law Office of Sami Perez prides itself on providing specific and tailored advice for every purchase, based on the distinctive characteristics of that transaction.

In the past, she has represented a broad range of clients, from individuals to large corporations. Her dedication to these clients is equal.

Routine transactions are handled with efficiency and a dedication to time saving methods, while complicated transactions receive the detail of review and discussion they deserve. Her goal in every legal matter is to provide efficient service for the best possible client outcome.

Advice on an Offer and Negotiation of a Purchase Agreement

The Law Office of Samilde Perez, Long Island Real Estate Lawyer –  can advise buyers from the onset. Sami Perez can provide insight and legal advice on the initial offer for commercial or residential property, and she is skilled at the drafting and negotiation of a purchase agreement.

Throughout the early stages of a transaction, Ms Perez will ensure to mitigate the risk in purchasing real property. This includes negotiation and review of a purchase agreement that protects a buyer before and at closing, and is fairly drafted to the interests of her clients.

Inspection of the Property

One of the most significant risks to a buyer is unknown flaws with the property or title to the property. The Law Offices of Samilde Perez will ensure every buyer is protected from this risk within the purchase agreement or contract for sale, and the proper inspections are carried out during the due diligence period.

Sami Perez has handled the review and negotiation of engineer inspection issues, repair or renegotiation of any defects to the property, and the discussions and negotiations with environmental inspectors. This makes the otherwise stressful due diligence process smooth and seamless for buyers.

She is also experienced with the review of title reports and surveys. Ms Perez can review and discuss with clients any easements, liens, errors in public record, encumbrances, or other defects that may affect the property. This careful review of title and survey means a title company will provide more comprehensive title insurance, and title or ownership issues are avoided down the road.

Proceed to Closing

It can be intimidating for a client to sign the documents and agreements at closing. From that moment, title to the property passes to the buyer. However, the risks and responsibilities of the property are also transferred. As your attorney, Ms Perez will ensure that closing proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

This includes review of all closing documents prior to the day of closing, confirming the location and timing of closing, and sitting with a buyer to ensure all documents are properly and entirely executed. The Law Offices of Samilde Perez can securely store any document and will maintain a thorough client file, even after the day of closing.

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