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Residential Real Estate Advice

The sale or purchase of a new home is an extremely exciting event. It can mean a fresh start, a good location for work, or access to better schools for your children. However, selling or buying a home is also an expensive decision. It could be the biggest financial decision you ever make.

The Law Office of Sami Perez understands that gravity of buying or selling a home. Sami Perez has helped many individuals and families begin a bright future in Long Island or sell their home in the area. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of her practice, and she will ensure your sale or purchase happens smoothly and with minimal risk.

Avoid Issues with Contracts and Forms

A residential real estate lawyer can provide advice that saves you time, money, and complications, whether you are a buying or selling a home. A New York lawyer that specializes in real property law, such as Sami Perez, is familiar with the pitfalls that typically plague the sales of residential property.

For example, real estate brokers often use form documents when selling a home, but each sale is unique. There could be aspects of the property or agreement not covered by the standard contract or form. A buyer could be forced to purchase property that does not conform to his or her expectations or a seller forced to proceed to closing despite conditions not being satisfied.

Alternatively, these documents may not adequately protect a seller in relation to the broker, which could leave the seller on the hook for fees or additional expenses, even if the residential sale falls through. Speaking with a residential real estate lawyer, such as at The Law Office of Sami Perez in New York can ensure your agreement provides the correct legal protections, specific to your home and circumstances.

Assistance During Due Diligence and Inspection

In Long Island, a number of residential sales fall apart between the time a contract is signed and the date of closing. This period is known as due diligence. It is essential that the requirements of due diligence are carefully stated in the sales contract, which is a great reason to hire a real estate attorney during negotiations, and just as important that all requirements and conditions to closing are met during this time frame.

Home inspections, exchange of disclosure forms, and issues with title of the residential property can create complications during due diligence. However, these problems do not always mean the end of a sale. Sami Perez is a knowledgeable residential property lawyer who can advise when complications are insurmountable or provide options for proceeding to closing, despite some unexpected issues.

Navigate Real Estate Law

As you can see, the sale of residential property involves a number of laws and regulations. There are financial questions, building code requirements, inspections, questions regarding title insurance, and real property law. Navigating these unique and specific areas of the law is not easy.  A lawyer familiar with real property in Long Island can help.

The Law Office of Sami Perez focuses on providing clear, straightforward legal advice that can truly help residential property owners. While much of this representation focuses on the transfer of a home, and all that goes with it, our office has handled a variety of residential issues, including boundary, zoning, encroachment, hazards, and joint ownership.