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Commercial Real Estate Advice

Commercial real estate involves a wide range of matters and legal issues. This is due in part to the wide range of clients that require advice and counsel on commercial property. In fact, businesses and partnerships from hair salons to accountants require a building, office, or other commercial space to operate and do business.

The Law Office of Sami Perez has assisted companies and individuals with the sale, acquisition, development, and lease of commercial property – plus, everything in between. She has also handled a number of disputes and disagreements regarding commercial property. Sami Perez continues to address commercial real estate needs with the attention to detail and commitment required in this area of law.

Aspects of Commercial Property

Often, the transfer, lease, or development of commercial property involves complex legal work. There are a number of different considerations and documents required for any one of these processes, and the scale of the project is typically larger and more costly than residential property. Therefore, a lawyer who only focuses on residential work is ill prepared for the demand of commercial real estate.

The parties involved in commercial transactions and disputes are also different. Sami Perez has worked with small and large companies in Long Island, and the commonality when it comes to commercial real estate is all have a long list of concerns and objectives. Many of these concerns and objectives are specific to the intended use of the property and its suitability for that purpose. This diversity of use and appropriate use is very different than residential property.

Negotiations for the sale, development, and lease of commercial property are unique. First and foremost, negotiations are often in depth and significant. There is more potential for problems and a greater amount of risk to allocate between the parties.

Legal Advice Through All Phases of a Matter

When it comes to commercial real estate matters, Sami Perez provides advice and representation throughout a transaction or disagreement. This includes drafting of all documents, from letter of intent through deed of transfer, negotiation of all terms, and execution of documents at closing. This full-range of services is provided and available, regardless of when you contact our office for advice or consult.

Importance of a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

For businesses, a commercial real state lawyer provides a valuable service. In order to run a company, it is necessary to purchase or lease real estate. However, these processes require a substantial amount of time and involvement. This is focus diverted from the core business objectives and goals. A real property lawyer, such as Sami Perez, handles these legal issues, so company leaders can continue to devote full time and attention to the business.

The Law Office of Sami Perez has handled commercial real estate issues from simple to very complicated. Regardless of where your legal question or matter falls on this spectrum, our office guarantees dedicated and thorough legal representation. Even in a straightforward commercial matter, Sami Perez provides attention to minute details and addresses all unique aspects of the transaction, in order to provide the most comprehensive real estate representation possible.