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Long Island Real Estate Attorney

Long Island Real Estate Attorney

Our Long Island real estate practice is built upon personal relationships and extensive experience. A combination that ensures the Law Office of Samilde Perez provides the best real estate advice to every client.

Our Real Estate Practice

The Law Office of Samilde Perez handles the full range of real estate matters for individuals and businesses in Long Island. The depth of our firm’s practice includes counsel on both residential and commercial transactions, as well as, representation through land use and property disputes. Through years of experience, the Law Office of Samilde Perez has built a reputation as one of most respected real property firms in Long Island.

Our legal team is familiar with most facets of real estate law, and can assist clients with any phase or aspect of a real property transaction, including representation during closing. The Law Office of Samilde Perez steps in as legal counsel on straightforward transactions and complex disputes – and in every case provides advice that is strategic, actionable, and personalized to your case.


Our Experience in Long Island Real Estate

The Law Office of Samilde Perez offers legal services backed by over 20 years of experience in the Long Island area. Real estate attorney Sami Perez has worked in metro New York for her entire career, and made the Long Island real estate market her primary focus. Today, clients of the Law Office of Samilde Perez benefit from greatly from our prior representation of commercial and residential clients in Long Island.

Our transactional real estate experience is split between representation of buyers and sellers. By understanding both sides of a transaction, our legal team is able to address the details of your transaction with more precision and insight. Whether you want to buy or sell real property, the Law Office of Samilde Perez can help. In Long Island, our firm has experience with the following transactional matters:

  • Drafting agreement for purchase and sale
  • Negotiating transactional terms (buyer or seller) for acquisition of real property
  • Representation of buyers and sellers at real property closing
  • Reviewing residential purchase agreements from real estate agents
  • Drafting deeds and closing documents
  • Review of title commitment and addressing title issues, and
  • Draft and negotiate lease agreements for residential and commercial property.

The Law Office of Samilde Perez handles real property disputes and disagreements. Attorney Sami Perez is extremely familiar with the legal intricacies involved in commercial and residential disputes, including matters of:

  • Land use and zoning
  • Approvals and Long Island’s building codes
  • Covenants and restrictions
  • Eminent domain
  • Landlord / tenant disputes and
  • Property disputes with HOAs or boundary neighbors.

Our Long Island Commitment

At the Law Office of Samilde Perez, we don’t just provide real estate legal services, we provide real estate legal service specific to Long Island.

Our experience in the local real estate market and detailed knowledge of New York’s real estate laws provide the basis for our counsel and advice, but the cornerstone of our practice is the personal relationship formed with each client. We promise that phone calls and emails will be followed up with in-person conferences and communication. Your concerns will be addressed directly by experienced attorney Sami Perez. And your legal matters will be addressed with personal concerns in mind.

To form the strongest attorney – client relationships possible, our firm makes Long Island our home. The Law Office of Samilde Perez is conveniently located on the Montauk Highway in Hampton Bay. It is a location that allows clients to easily visit our office for conference and an initial consultation and is convenient for our legal team to reach all parts of Long Island and metro New York.