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What You Need to Know About Equal Housing Law

Earlier this month, Newsweek released the disheartening results of a 3-year undercover study. The study focused on real estate agents and brokers across the Long Island area, and found that while these agents may be “all smiles” with some buyers, they would nevertheless treat people of color differently from white people. Only two agencies, The…

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In the News: Condo Owners Can Remain Anonymous After All

A few weeks ago the Long Island real estate market went into an uproar over a new law which required LLCs to disclose the names and addresses of everyone involved in owning a property, including condos. A few days ago, the State Tax Department reversed its stance, excluding condos from the reporting requirement. Instead, the…

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In New York, Anonymous Condo Purchases Are a Thing of the Past

If you’ve ever considered using an LLC to mask your identity while you participated in a real estate deal, you may be unpleasantly surprised by a law that went into effect in September. The new law doesn’t stop you from purchasing the property with an LLC, but it does make your identity completely available to…

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