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Why Is a Long Island Real Property Deed So Important?

In the world of online records and electronic files, there is little to no need for paper documents and “real” signatures. In fact, the use of electronic documents is pervasive in nearly every aspect of our lives. We send applications, letters of dismissal, contracts, love letters, and photos digitally. It is the most consistent form…

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What Happens to NY Real Property When a Relative Dies Without a Will?

Estate planning is an important process for anyone that owns NY real property. It is through appropriate estate documents that ownership of your real estate is passed in accordance with your wishes. Without a will and other estate planning documents, all of your assets, including real estate, are passed in accordance with the probate laws…

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What Is Title Insurance & Do You Need It?

As you navigate a commercial or residential real estate transaction for the first time a number of unfamiliar documents, agreements and pieces of paperwork are certain to cross your desk or arrive via email. Often, one part of real property purchases that isn’t fully understood by buyers and sellers in Long Island, particularly in a…

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8 Title Defects that Could Delay Your Closing

There are few commercial real estate transactions that are finalized without the purchase of title insurance. In exchange for the premium payment, a title company insures the buyer’s title to the property. Typically, the insurance amount is up to the purchase price of the property. The reason most commercial purchasers, and a number of residential…

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