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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Any commercial real estate investment carries some risk. First and foremost, commercial real estate involves a substantial financial investment. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or purchasing commercial real estate for the first time, accruing debt and expenses to buy commercial real estate can be overwhelming. You want to be certain the stresses…

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Whose Job is it Anyway? Maintenance Questions in Commercial Leases

There are several disputes that continuously arise under a commercial lease. Without a doubt the most common are questions of rent payment, or more than likely nonpayment. However, closely following discrepancies over adequate and timely rent payment are questions of maintenance and improvements to the leased property. Time and again when a pipe bursts or…

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The Right Way to Handle a Commercial Tenant Eviction

Commercial landlords understandably struggle with the process of tenant eviction. Often, simply mentioning a lapse in rental payment or other contractual obligation feels confrontational. Evicting a commercial tenant can be even more difficult and unpleasant. It is not uncommon for landlords to receive pushback, frustration, and even anger from commercial tenants that face eviction. However,…

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