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These Six Tips Can Lead to a Good Landlord/Tenant Relationship

Why do landlord and tenant relationships turn sour a few months into a lease term in Long Island? Usually, the cause is a disagreement over maintenance or neglected responsibilities. Sometimes there are arguments over rent or changes to the building. In all of these instances, the situation is not only solvable but entirely avoidable. Here…

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Residential Property Sales: A Seller’s Disclosure Requirements

At one point in time, all residential property in Long Island came with a noticeable and necessary “buyer beware” caveat. Residential property sales routinely placed the risk of damages and defects on the buyer, making inspections and due diligence crucial to the home-buying process on Long Island. It is still necessary for a buyer to…

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Landmarked Building on Long Island

If you always dreamed of renovating a historic building or home in Long Island, you probably had visions of preserving old floors and peeling back wallpaper. You may have pictured crown molding and original details. However, you probably didn’t envision or picture the legal obligations and building code requirements you’d need to follow during the…

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Whose Job is it Anyway? Maintenance Questions in Commercial Leases

There are several disputes that continuously arise under a commercial lease. Without a doubt the most common are questions of rent payment, or more than likely nonpayment. However, closely following discrepancies over adequate and timely rent payment are questions of maintenance and improvements to the leased property. Time and again when a pipe bursts or…

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What Is a Mixed-Use Development and What Are the Benefits?

New York City is poised to have a massive new development up and open in 2018. Hudson Yards was first announced years ago and the groundbreaking took place in 2012, but a development of this size takes time. Now, the 960,000 square foot building, located at the corner of 30th Street and 10th Avenue in…

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How Do NY’s Short-Term Rental Laws Affect Your Summer Airbnb?

Summer brings a significant number of tourists to New York City and its boroughs. More visitors are finding their way to areas such as Brooklyn, Long Island, Williamsburg, Rutherford, and Yonkers thanks to the popular rental website Airbnb. However, this is the first summer New Yorkers are renting their real estate under the state’s ban…

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